Excepting February alone…


Oh yeah, February is a really short month.  It feels like time is flying by faster and faster all the time.  Why do all these cliched sayings keep coming true!

Regardless February was an interesting month.  My project was to continue with studying French and add in Stretching everyday.  I would say the month was definitely a learning experience.  The French part went pretty well.  I read my first 6 French books,

livre en francais plus four other kid’s books I forgot to take pictures of, doh!

I completed my beginner’s French textbook and I began to memorize a ton of French songs.  Finding all the Disney songs that have been translated into French may have helped push that along 🙂

This one’s my favorite so far:

Most importantly I feel pretty confident going about basic errand-like tasks.  I can read a menu, I can order food and drink, I can answer the typical questions when shopping and I can take and give directions.  I can still get caught completely off guard by a random question I wasn’t expecting though,and that’s when I tend to crumble and revert to English and apologize… a lot.  Overall it’s continued to be really fun and I am going to try to take a more structured class when I return home.

As for stretching …


I was able to increase the number of days I was stretching, but I didn’t stretch as much as I wanted to.  Which brought me to a realization.  I am here in Montreal with nothing to do but train and I still was unable to train as much as I planned.  Finally I think I have to accept that there is a physical limit on what my body can do in a day and what I’ve planned may be too much.  Instead of beating myself up for not being able to stick to a schedule that is unreasonable, I think I will just have to plan ahead with that fact in mind.  I can’t practice everything, everyday.  I can’t be good at everything.  I think instead of fighting that, I need to embrace it.  Otherwise I am just annoyed at myself all the time, and so far that hasn’t helped either.   I always thought I just wasn’t trying hard enough, but I am beginning to think I need to work within my limits and not just be exasperated that I have them.  SO while I don’t feel like I succeeded in stretching as much as I initally wanted, if I can make more accurate training schedules then I did succeed in the long run.

I also wanted to make a stretching routine.  In my mind it would be like a long stretching set with interesting transitions.  Turns out after many many trials, this just isn’t a good idea.  It makes me more tired, less focused on the stretching and didn’t make anything better.  Which is annoying because I’ve wanted it to work for a long time now and the answer seems to just be… It doesn’t.


It looks like I will have to adjust my expectations a little.

I know that failing doesn’t mean you are a failure, and the other million + inspirational quote surrounding failure will tell me that this is a learning experience and you don’t get anywhere without failing a lot… but it still sucks for a little while to fail at something.

Oh well another month and another project is around the corner!  It’s like a restart button 🙂






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