Meditation and tea

wellness-and-meditationPeople think meditation is a huge undertaking. Don’t think of it like that.

~ Deepak Chopra

I don’t know a lot about mediation, but I am looking for a way to quiet my brain. Lately I feel all over the place and it’s exhausting! I have been curious about mediation for awhile now, but I really don’t know anything about it and it always sounded like an overwhelming commitment to get into. I just know that I hate silence and down time… it’s not just  that I hate it, I’m scared of it.  I always fill it.  I want to look into that.

To ease into mediation I bought the book, 8 minute mediation


At first I have to admit it was the “8 mins” part that caught my attention.  But the book also seems pretty highly reviewed especially for people just starting to look into mediation (hey that’s me!).  Basically he guides you on a 8 week journey of different mediation styles ( 1 week per style) so you can see what you like and and what doesn’t suit you so much.  Also it’s only 8 mins a day… I mean everyone can find 8 mins. I’m only part way through the first week so I don’t have much to report on yet, but I am optomistic about how it will go 🙂

big-tiny-buddha-headerThis little Buddha believes it will go well!

As for tea…. I have been a coffee girl for quite awhile now.  But I have a lot of tea and I do really like tea.  So I’m going to drink it this month, figure out my favorites and empty that tea cupboard!  First up since it’s midnight already: sleeptime tea!image001

So one month to delve into two things I know very little about!


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