Sugar…sweet, sweet sugar


April’s project is having a rough start 😦

My original plan was to give up sugar for the month.  I clearly underestimated both how much I love sugar and how many random things sugar is in.

IT’S IN EVERYTHING!  I check for sugar in places where I know sugar will be, but it’s lurking everywhere!  Which in turn makes me angry and sad about the state of our food system, which leads me to want sugar to stop being sad.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Why less sugar? – well my tastebuds love it, but my body doesn’t.  I get a headache, it leaves me with this weird jittery energy and I just feel bad.  But that urge to have something sweet usually overpowers my knowledge that I will feel bad after.

I tried to go cold turkey and I lasted four days, which feels both sad and embarrassing.


So I regrouped (over hot chocolate) and made a plan to slowly step down from sugar.

week 1: spend a week eating normally and just check how much sugar you are really eating

week 2: cut out all instances of adding actual sugar to things and sweets (things that are clearly refined sugars)

week 3: cut out as much sugar as you can (except fruits*)

I honestly think I want sugar more when I can’t have it.  To help avoid this I am going to allow one day a week where anything goes (saturdays)

girl-eating-chocolate-cake-280X280My goal is to reset my sugar cravings to a more reasonable level and find some other things that I can use/ do when I am craving sugar.

frutta fresca di stagione

* I am not going to cut out fruit.  While fruits can be very sweet, they come “packaged” with a lot of fiber, water, vitamins and nutrients.  The fiber slows down the digestion of the fructose in your body so your sugar hit is slower, plus it alerts your body that you are full which sugar by itself does not do.



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