Even with small steps, you eventually get somewhere


This post feels worlds apart from my last one.  Not that sugar doesn’t still tempt me, but it’s much less often and much less intense.  Here are the techniques I used to keep sugar at bay.

1.) Get as much of it out of the house as you can.  My husband doesn’t like sweets at all, so this was an easy one for me to do.  It was easier for me to resist a sugar craving when there was nothing in the house that could fix it.

2.) I ate more fruit.


3.) I recognized my craving patterns.  The biggest one for me is after dinner.  Almost like clockwork, even when I wasn’t thinking about sweets before, I always wanted a dessert after dinner.  I switched up that pattern by always making a cup of tea or hot lemon water (I’m an old lady) right after dinner.  It helped a lot.

4.) The small picture.  Taking things one day at a time instead of thinking of a future where I am never allowed to eat sugar again.

5.) Slowing down and focusing on what I am eating.  I eat fast and I’m on the go a lot.  By trying to slow down my eating and focusing on the flavors I’m more satisfied with what I am eating, and less preoccupied with what I’m missing.

And here are some things that I read about that didn’t help me at all:

1.) Smell the dessert/ sweet that you are craving.  This did not work for me.  I have to say I only tried it once, but for me it dramatically increased my craving and it gave my craving a goal.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the piece of chocolate until I eventually ate it.  Plus I don’t want to be the weirdo smelling other people’s desserts in public.

2.) Just having one or two bites.  At least right now, one bite is not an option my brain understands.


I don’t think I am %100 sugar free, but I have cut down a lot and I am already craving it a lot less.  It’s a little magical to me how easily I can taste sugar in places I couldn’t before, like bread and salad dressings.

**side note**  WHY is there sugar in store made bread?  I’ve made bread a lot and there is no need for sugar at all, what’s the point!!  When you put sugar in bread it becomes cake.**

Lastly a word of advice for anyone who in interested in lessening their sugar consumption:  be prepared for it to be hard.  Sugar is addictive, a mood stimulant and it’s everywhere.  But the difficulty begins to subside in as short as a week with little to no sugar.   Forever without sugar sounds daunting and impossible, but when you take it one day at a time… well then it’s as easy as apple pie (sugar free apple pie of course!) 🙂


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