Failure means you’re trying… right?

Well hello there, sorry about missing last month, let’s pretend that didn’t happen ūüôā

To be honest there was a project last month and it failed so spectacularly that I wasn’t even sure how to write about it in a way that didn’t make me sound like a complete baby. ¬†I still haven’t figure out how to see it in a good light, but I decided to write about it away.

Last month’s project was an attempt to go vegan for the month. ¬†I figured I was already in a diet changing mode and it has been on my list forever. ¬†Actually it’s probably been on my radar since that last time I tried to go vegan just about 10 years ago. ¬†However the first time I was a horrible vegan and got quite sick and nutrient depleted. ¬†Now I don’t blame that on the vegan diet in general, just what I chose to eat, which was little and less. ¬†Which of course didn’t work out that well for me. ¬†So this time around I wanted to do it well and I researched lots of awesome vegan recipes. ¬†It started off pretty well: I really liked all the food choices I had, I didn’t feel hungry or like I was missing out. ¬†However as the days went by it got harder and harder with each of these situations popping up:

I joined some friends out to eat and didn’t look at the menu ahead of time. ¬†There was actually nothing vegan at all… at all! ¬†It really sucks to be hungry and just have to sit there and watch everyone around you eat, and eat all the things you can’t have.l

¬†…yum ¬†ūüė¶

I loved all the food I prepared, but it was quite a lot of work for most of the meals. ¬†Also it required a lot of ingredients I don’t normally stock, which isn’t a big deal except it makes planning a necessity.

glass food container

Cooking and eating felt like it became a full-time job. ¬†Just to eat enough calories to keep training well I felt like I was eating veggies non-stop. ¬†When I wasn’t eating I was planning meals or chopping/ prepping for the next meal. ¬†I also began to think about food all the time – which was unnerving.


and then I broke – almost 2.5 weeks in I had a full on tantrum while training. ¬†I literally lay on the floor whining until daniel agreed to go with me¬†to get a burger. ¬†I DON’T EVEN LIKE BURGERS!

tantrumdon’t mind me, I just need a minute… or 5

For the rest of the month I tried to be vegan three days a week, which I did… but I still feel like it was a massive fail. ¬†Maybe 2 months of playing with my diet is too much or maybe I’m just too much of a baby either way… FAIL!

Although it wasn’t all for naught. ¬†I did learn that not eating meat didn’t make my body feel better. ¬†In fact a small amount of meat usually resulted in better training sessions the next day. ¬†However dairy was another story. ¬†Dairy definitely made my allergies worse. ¬†After the first week without dairy I didn’t have a need to blow my nose or any phlegm in my throat. ¬†My reactions to our cat were also reduced, although not eliminated. ¬†Which sucks because I love cheese and cream in my coffee, but it’s good to know cause I also like to breathe ūüôā


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