The problem with facts…


…is they are difficult to ignore once proven!

I recently couldn’t resist the idea of watching TV while I did work. So I decided to at least make it a test of how much multitasking affects my ability to do something. So I put a random show on the ole’ netflixs and proceeded to work on a crochet project. I was making cute heart shaped coasters for my friend’s upcoming wedding. Without tv (but with coffitivity!) I managed to make one in 42 minutes. With the TV on it took me one hour 10 minutes, plus I messed up the beginning 3 times which I didn’t even count on the timer. Also as an attempt to make it as fair a comparison as possible, I made the one with no TV first, so my second one (with TV) should have gone even faster!

Ugh, now I have proof I can’t ignore. I still don’t really understand the allure though. I don’t like watching TV enough that I just want to do that, but whatever else I engage in ultimately suffers. Hopefully the less I do it, the more I will miss it… but I would love to understand the “why” I do it too!




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