When in doubt…iXpenseit



After trying a few different apps, I’ve become most comfortable with iXpenseIt.  It seems the most user friendly to me and also has the most options of how the view the data you’ve collected.  Now I just have to remember to use it!


But it’s hard when you’re constantly distracted by things like this:


or this:


or hello kitty still following you all over the Caribbean:





Why Hello, Hello Kitty


Now I don’t want anyone to get alarmed… but I think Hello Kitty is following me.

It’s not like I’ve never noticed her before.  I’ve seen her around at the occasional stationary store or on children’s toys… but now I see her everywhere.  I expected her to be everywhere in Japan.  I mean they have an entire theme park where she is the star, Sanrio Puroland.


In fact from the website I think she may be Queen:  http://www.puroland.co.jp/english/welcome.html

There is also a hotel:


Plus almost anything you can buy, you can buy with her face on it:hello-kitty-beerresized hello-kitty-cross-necklace HelloKittySushiKit_large

However I think she hopped into my bags when I wasn’t looking, how else can you explain her being everywhere I have been?!?


In Ajaccio, Corica


Looking a little rough around the edges as she ran to keep up with me

cartagena 2sm cartagena3sm cartagenasm

All over the place in Cartgena, Spain

target texas

I next spotted her in a Target in Texas

bookstore in canada

Shortly thereafter I saw her in a bookstore in Canada

Then she started to reach out and feign interest in my interests:

hello-kittyloves skating

And showing up at my work:


hellokitty following me

I just can’t shaken this creepy feeling that she’s watching me…


and waiting for me…


So I’m putting the word out