Mix it up August


So for August I was all set with a project I wanted to try out… sixting.  It’s a great month for it too, since I will be travelling for pretty much the whole month.  For those of you who don’t know, sixting is basically trying to create outfits from a total of 6 articles of clothing for a set time period be it a month or a year.  But as I was thinking about it more, and trying to determine my 6 items I realized I pretty much already do that.  I have an 80/20 situation going on.  I wear 20% of my clothes, 80% of the time.  However I still pack a bit more than I probably need to clothes-wise.  SO I think I will make my own version of sixting.  I am going to try to pack no more than 10 items (not including jackets, shoes or show clothes) and a few of those items have to be clothes I never normally wear.  Hopefully I can branch out a little and actually wear some of those clothes that I tend to leave in the drawer.  At the end I will try to donate a portion of the clothes I never seem to wear 🙂