Hello December, hello routine


As I mentioned in my last post, in December and for the next year, I am trying to focusing more on my day to day routines than on a specific project.  I want to change from marathoning through projects to doing a set amount of work everyday.  I make schedules all the time, however I usually end up making impossible to achieve schedules, then get frustrated that I couldn’t achieve them.  In retrospect that seems pointless, but I really always put the blame on my effort instead of looking at making the schedule more reasonable.  And then assure myself that next time I would try even harder.  It’s part of a perfectionism trait of mine, that I have only recently seen how it can negatively affect me.  So I’m going to make the schedule easier.  There is a part of me that it really pains to do that… but I’ve been up against this wall so many times I have to make a change.  I am prepared for it to be difficult and I’m prepared to work at it all year.

Monday – Friday:

30 mins/1 hour – emails and businessy work

4 hours – training

30 mins – French

30 mins /1 hour – Projects

15 mins – money

5 mins – rehab


30 mins /1 hour – emails/business work

15 mins – money

5 mins – rehab



1 hour – reset for next week

15 mins – money

5 mins – rehab

As for monthly projects, I’m going to change that a bit too.  I am going to focus on a couple themes over the year that I think will make me happier in the long run.  Although I might have to throw some instant gratification projects in there too. Long term growth may be make me happy eventually, but I’ll never make it if there isn’t fun along the way.

I’m still working on my themes so I’ll write more about them in another post, but here are some of the ones I’m think about:

Love my home

Love winnipeg





nagging projects

Letting go & using up

I feel like the last couple years were very externally growth oriented.  Learn skills, try new hobbies, add, add, add, more, more, more.  They were all really fun, but I was always left with a feeling of, how will I possibly add this into my day, into my life.  I’ve only recently really accepted that I can’t do everything and begun the process of letting go. This year I want to focus more on routine and inward growth.  A year of getting closer to what I care about and whom I care about.


I hope I grow as fast and strong as bamboo!