The daily grind

I’ve been following my new schedule pretty well for the last month.  I never quite hit everything, but it’s much better than it’s ever been before.  I’m proud of that, and I can tell I am much more focused on my specific goals now.  However that leaves me to wonder what is the point of this blog.  When I started I had a lot of side projects I really wanted to get to.  Now I really want to focus on training and circus work.  Funny as it sounds, I’m not sure what I would keep writing about.  So i’m not sure if I will continue this blog, but I will definitely continue stretching!

Here’s my latest compliation:


Doubling down

febAs February was approaching I had lots of ideas for projects this month.  Then we decided to stay in Montreal for another month (which is actually really exciting news, more on that later).  I decided that since we are staying to focus on training, it would allow for a fun month of continuing French and upping my stretching.

Almost a year ago I made stretching my project for the month.  It went really well and I kept it up pretty well for the next 6 months or so.  Sadly after that I fell behind.  The short month of February seems like a great time to keep up the stretching and the French.

Making them part of my day and schedule has been working pretty well so I’ll stick with that, French in the mornings and Stretching at the end of training or end of the day.  I think it will also be a good test to see if it is practical to keep language studies as a part of my day even while adding another project on top.

The Goals:

  • 45 mins of French a day
  • 45 mins of Stretching a day
  • End the month with a set stretching routine I can continue with after

I’m not going to put any specific outcomes on increasing my flexibility other than “becoming more flexible”.  Even though this is in incredibly vague goal, at the moment I am more interested in consistently stretching than being able to reach certain positions.  At least for now 🙂

…Oh yeah Montreal… we decided to stay another month!   The training has been so great here and we decided to make the most of it while we have the time and we’re already out here.  I feel pretty lucky that we are able to travel the world like we do, but we couldn’t do it without the help from our family… THANKS GUYS!!!

snow heart






January Stretching

I have officially hit the 6 month mark of when I started stretching more consistently!

There is no question in my mind that it has made a difference. My base flexibility is higher as is my flexibility when warmed up. It also takes me less and less time to get warmed up safely. So huge win all around. The only mistruth I feel I have been told was that if I missed a week it would be like starting over. I was sick in the beginning of the month and didn’t stretch for a about a week and while I didn’t improve (wouldn’t that be awesome), I didn’t lose everything I had gained. Adding to my pile of evidence showing that slow and steady do win the race after all 🙂


Flying through December


Oh my gosh it’s December 18th already, how did that happen? It appears I glossed over a topic this month 😦  It wasn’t on purpose sadly… I just had so much catching up to do and then disease stuck me down. Since it’s gotten so far into December and the holidays will be here before you know it, I am going to use the rest of this month as a catch up month because I have big plans for projects in the New Year and I want a cleanish slate to get started with. I made a small video to highlight my stretching progress and it starts with a Christmas wish 🙂


Stretching it out

So my first challenge to myself was to stretch everyday for 30 days.  That 30 days changed not only my flexibility, but also my resistance to starting to stretch.  I used to stretch for hours, pushing myself way past my limits, then be so sore that after a few days I wouldn’t put much effort into it for weeks.  Now I try to get in 45 mins- 1 hour everyday, in a more relaxed way knowing that I will be doing it constantly so no need to push too hard.  After that initial 30 days, it just became part of my day, not something I was forcing anymore.  So while I probably stretch 5/6 days a week in place of a strict 7… I’m still improving 🙂  And better yet, it’s way easier for me to start and more comfortable all the way through.

Here’s a video I took at the End of August:



Sunbeams, Stretching and Music OH MY!

Coming back home felt like walking into a sauna, what’s with this crazy heat wave?!?  I feel like my skin may be sweating off.  However it does make for some nice backyard sunbeam stretching.  I did a complete 180 on how I feel about stretching outside once I tried it in the privacy of my backyard instead of the public beaches of Vancouver.  The sun warms you right up and I swear it made everything easier.  I finally got my feet on the ground on chinstand, Horray!  Here’s a picture:


Also a variation:

I was pretty excited, and amazed at the difference I really have seen so far from this month of non-stop stretching.  I definitely warm up quicker to my flexibility level and also have managed to get further in this month then I ever have before.  There have also been some days though where I didn’t feel flexible at all and it took me  along time to get through .  I still wonder if I would have been better off not stretching those days instead of powering through it.

One of the best things I have learned so far though is the power of music.  I always want to put on TV on a movie whenever I have to do anything, stretching, training, paperwork, computer work, doesn’t matter I have some urge to turn on the TV, even if it is just background.  But it works horribly and I can’t focus on either the TV or the task at hand.  It takes me twice as long to get through anything and I’ve missed most of the important parts of whatever I am watching.  Music on the other hand has the opposite effect on me.  Music gets my into a great work zone.  I know I get focused and into any project better with music, however I still have that urge to put on TV.  This past week I have decided to only stretch to music, no choice allowed.  And it has been bliss!  I still don’t understand why I resist it as first, but it is the best way to stretch that I have found, bar none!  I think I’ll have to force myself to just start music from now on, I’ll get so much done 🙂